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WR 13100 (13) — Writing and Rhetoric (Duffy)

Visual Resource Center

The Visual Resources Center's Finding Visual Material page contains subject based links to assist in finding images, photographs, films, and more.. Here you will find carefully selected databases for your research.  Some material may be in the public domain or associated with a creative commons license.


Multimedia Birds of a Feather (James Nash, Flickr 

 A 21st Century student should be able to locate digital information for classwork and use it for the creation of new knowledge. Remix presents a series of typical digital projects assigned by Notre Dame professors.  Each project describes some of the challenges a student is likely to face in completing the assignment. Additionally, each project site offers an array of resources, divided into three phases: Discover, Mix, and Share, to help yoyu find, mix, and create new digital media and visual materials.  

Here are some especially useful links from Remix.