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CDT 30423 — Applied Multimedia (Clark, Turner)

Course description

Applied Multimedia

Spring 2017

Fully literate citizens are able to use the language of digital media as well as text. They can access, understand, analyze, and produce sound, images, and video.

By the end of this course, students will be able to operate media recorders and develop media messages using Audacity, Photoshop, and Premiere. They will also be able to use media language to describe and critique several kinds of media-based messages . Projects include an edited audio recording, a set of posters, and a video. Two exams assess knowledge of media language and the ability to critique media. Students also produce an electronic portfolio to document their media literacy.

Applied Multimedia (CDT 30423) is offered each spring through the Digital Arts track of the Computing and Digital Technologies minor in the College of Arts and Letters.


Key Resources

Course components

  • Engagement (10%) – complete assignments outside of class and participate actively during class time
  • Projects (45%) – produce media in the form of audio, images and video
  • Exams (30%) – show you can use media language and critique media
  • ePortfolio (15%) – create and present an online showcase that documents your media skills.