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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Angst)


This guide is meant to assist those of you taking Prof. Wendy Angst's Business Problem Solving course.  

The content of the tabs is not meant to be a substitute for contacting a librarian.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us for help if you'd like to know something that's not covered on this guide.  These are only a few suggestions based on conversations with Prof. Angst and best guesses from Pete and Steve. The case tab will be displayed as the case is released in class by your professor.

Don't hesitate to e-mail us via the Ask a Business Librarian link with questions!



Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence

  • "Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence is the American Hospital Association's strategic platform to accelerate performance improvement and support delivery system transformation in the nation's hospitals and health systems."
  • Look at HPOE Guides and the Resource Library links for free reports on various aspects of improving hospital services.

Michigan Health and Hospital Association

Health Research and Educational Trust

  • A partnership with the American Hospital Association and Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence.
    Research available on their website speaks to many of the issues relevant to the case.
  • The Guides and Reports page features many useful free publications.

IBIS World

  • Hospitals in the US - October 2014 comprehensive industry report.

Health Business Fulltext

  • Great for articles about all aspects of the health industry.
  • Search on "hospitals" or "healthcare" and use the Subject filter to focus on specific aspects, such as "hospital mergers."
  • You can also add terms to your search and browse the results. Examples might include: "nonprofit," "not-for-profit," "patient satisfaction," and more.

Stay in touch with your business librarians for further research assistance!