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WR 13100 (13) — Writing and Rhetoric (Duffy)

Scholarship as Conversation

Scholarship is like a conversation where ideas are created, debated, and weighed against one another over time. Information users and creators come together to discuss meaning, with the effective researcher adding his or her adding his or her voice to the conversation.


Group Activity


Group 1

  1. Teaching rape law in the age of trigger warning
  2. The trigger warning myth
  3. What :"trigger warning" would the Bible get?

Group 2

  1. The false dichotomy of trigger warnings
  2. Many instructors embrace trigger warnings despite their peers' misgivings 
  3. Crisis and trigger warnings: reflection on legal education and social value of the lawC 

Group 3

  1. Coddled students? That's not the problem
  2. On Trigger Warnings
  3. The coddling of the American mind

Group 4

  1. Treatment, not Trigger Warnings 
  2. The Trigger Happy Generation 
  3. Hazards ahead: The problem with trigger warnings, according to research


Answer questions 1-3 for each article. Then, answer #4, considering all 3 articles. Post your answers to the Padlet site below:

  1. What type of source is this (blog, tweet, newspaper article, magazine article, journal article, website?)
  2. Who is the author? What do you know, if anything, about the author?
  3. What perspectives are presented?
  4. Who has the strongest voice in this conversation?  Why?