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Career Resources — Healthcare

Industry Overview

The healthcare industry consists of the following sectors: hospitals, nursing and personal care facilities, physicians’ offices and clinics, dentists, and other health care practitioners, home health care services, outpatient care centers, and medical and dental laboratories. The types of jobs one can enter in the healthcare industry vary: physicians, general practitioners, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, physician assistants, medical researchers, administrators etc.  Allied health is another branch of medical and health professions.  An example of some careers in this group are EMTs, paramedics, technicians, sonographers, health educators, dieticians, medical librarians and dental hygienists.

Further Education

The medical and health fields require the most training, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree in a specific medical field is often required. In order to become a physician one must complete four years of medical school and graduate with an MD degree, then one must enter into a residency program. Students who are interested in nursing must complete a bachelor’s degree, but those who want to become a nurse practitioner must get their master’s.  Further education for allied health positions varies depending on the specific job.

Additional information for furthering education can be found on the Education Portal. Visit the College of Science, Pre-professional Studies office and website for additional information on furthering education.