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Managing Your Research Data

What is Research Data?

Broadly, research data is information collected, observed, or created in support of the production of original research.

Research data is defined differently in different domains

Research data takes many formats, including (but not limited to)

  • Audio/video files

  • Lab/field notebooks

  • Models/algorithms

  • Databases/datasets

  • Text files

Why is Research Data Management Important?

Good data management planning and practice ...

  • ensures the integrity of your data
  • enhances data security
  • reduces risk of data loss
  • increases the impact and visibility of your research  
  • facilitates archiving and preservation of your data over time

Good research data management practices are foundational to responsible scholarly inquiry.

"...whatever their individual areas of expertise, all faculty contribute to and benefit from Notre Dame’s growing research enterprise, which is intended to assist their endeavors, enhance broader collaborations, and connect our most advanced scholarly pursuits to the learning experiences of our students."

A Legacy Expanded: A Strategic Plan for Notre Dame

The Hesburgh Libraries strives to connect researchers to the resources they need to advance their scholarly pursuits. Please review this guide for more information about how the Hesburgh Libraries can support your research data throughout its lifecycle! 

Data Management Services at Notre Dame

Consultations throughout the data lifecycle - contact the Data Management Consulting Team

  • Data management plans
  • Data documentation/metadata guidance
  • Citation services


  • DMPTool: Guidance and templates for writing data management plans
  • Open Science Framework (OSF): Actively manage and collaborate on research projects. Includes integrations with many different tools, including Box, Dropbox, Github, and Google Drive. OSF for Institutions is available for anyone at Notre Dame to use. Learn more about OSF.
  • CurateND: The University of Notre Dame's Institutional Repository supporting preservation and sharing of all forms of research from the humanities to research data. 
  • Contact the Data Management Consulting Team to learn more about how one or all of these tools may support your work!