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Datasets and Statistics: Overview

Data resources for social science research at Hesburgh Libraries


Recent Acquisitions and Subscriptions


For help finding what you need, contact the Economics and Social Science Data Librarian or any Reference Librarian.

Resources on Campus

Software and Computing

The Center for Digital Scholarship has a wide range of software on its machines, including Stata SE 14, SAS, SPSS, Stat/Transfer, and ArcGIS. CDS also offers a range of services.

See also the software titles available in the Center for Social Research statistical computing lab.

Check with OIT for a comprehensive list of Windows and Mac software currently loaded in campus computing clusters and/or available for download.

For advanced computing resources, check out the Center for Research Computing.

Workshops and Tutorials

Statistical and research workshops offered by CDS.

Online tutorials:
Text Mining

Maintained by Econ & SSD Librarian

This guide is maintained by the Economics and Social Science Data Librarian