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[FA17] LLEA 40613 / ASIA 40613 — From Magazines to the Internet: Media and Culture in Modern China


Background Reading Wagner, Rudolf. "Don't Mind the Gap! The Foreign-language Press in Late-Qing and Republican China." China Heritage Quarterly 30/31 (2012): n. pag. Web. 4 Sept. 2016.



Non-Chinese writings on China

Books on China in the ND Catalog

While there are a number of print and electronic books (including the ebooks downloadable from the HathiTrust Digital Library) on this topic that you can find in the ND Catalog, it will be difficult to retrieve all such records in a single search. For more complete and satisfying results, you may try multiple searches using various techniques. For example,

  • Go to Advanced Search in the ND Catalog.
  • In the top search field, choose "Subject" as a search scope and enter "China" (or "Chin*" for more results).
  • Limit the results by selecting "Book" and "English" in the Material Type and the Language fields.
  • Enter "1949" in the End Date field. 

  • To further limit your results, select facets in the left-hand column, or use additional search terms, such as "ds" (History of Asia), "h" (Social Sciences), or "bv" (Practical Theology) for a Call Number.
  • However, be aware that limiting the call number range will result in excluding electronic books that lack call numbers. e.g. Remarks on China and the China trade, and China in the light of history. Additional searches using different sets of keywords will be helpful in finding those.