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Video Recording with the One Button Studio

Powerfully easy video production. At your fingertips.

Virtual Tour

One Button Studio Kiosk
  • You may gently adjust the angle/direction of the camera by squeezing the camera handle.
  • Do not adjust the camera's recording settings.
  • Do not move/roll the kiosk.
Green Screen / Blue Screen
  • Stand at the spot marked "x" on the floor when presenting. 
  • We recommend you do not use the green/blue screen in conjunction with the projector, as the green/blue lamp will degrade the quality of the projected presentation.
Connecting & Projecting From a Laptop
  • HDMI, Mini-Display Port, and VGA connectors are available.
  • Press the Power button (tan remote) to power on the projector. A  two- or three-second delay is normal as the projector warms up.
USB Dock and Recording Button
  • Insert a single USB device into any of the four slots in the silver USB dock. Only one USB device can be written to at a time.
  • Press the silver button to start/stop recording.
Green/Blue Screen Selector
  • Toggle the silver switch UP to activate the blue screen, and DOWN to activate the green screen.
  • Do not press the grey buttons. These adjust the intensity of the green/blue lamps, which has already been calibrated.  The value of this should be 13.0.
Input Selector for Projector
  • Use the input selector to change the input source for the projector.
2 – Local PC OBS workstation PC
3 – HDMI Mac or PC laptop
4 – Apple Mac laptop only
Presentation Remote
  • To activate the remote, remove the USB stick from the base of the remote and insert it into the workstation cable or USB dock (left side of the workstation monitor).
  • Do not forget to re-insert the USB stick into the remote before you return it to the Circulation Desk.
Projector Remote
  • Press the ON button to power on the ceiling-mounted projector.
  • Please also press the OFF button to turn the projector off before you leave.

Studio Location

The One Button Studio is located in B-002 of the Hesburgh Library's Lower Level.

Studio Kiosk