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One Button Studio: Booking & Using the Studio

Powerfully easy video production. At your fingertips.

Welcome to the One Button Studio

Welcome to the

One Button Studio

Reserve the studio

In partnership with OIT, the Hesburgh Libraries is excited to announce the availability of the new One Button Studio, a fully-featured digital video production studio that is designed to be both powerful and easy to use, requiring no prior video production experience. The Studio, located in B-002 of the Hesburgh Library Lower Level, is available for use by all Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students (valid NDID required). Examples of Studio projects include:

  • Rehearsing for class presentations, thesis or dissertation defenses 
  • Creating videos for online instruction, such as MOOCs
  • Creating videos for recruitment, training, or professional development seminars
  • Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays
  • Practicing your public speaking skills
  • Using the green/blue screen to create visual effects
  • Recording a group interview or podcast
  • And many others...
Hours of Operation

Quick Start Guide


Reserve the Studio online

  • Reservations available in 30 minute blocks, up to 2 hours per day, up to 8 hours per week
  • Reservations available up to 6 weeks in advance
  • No food or drink is permitted

Reserve the studio


Visit the Lower Level Circulation Desk to obtain the Studio key

  • Visit the Lower Level Circulation Desk to obtain the Studio key (requires valid ND ID)
  • The Circulation Desk will also loan presentation remotes and 16GB USB Flash Drives
  • Flash drives are also available for purchase from the vending machine on the Library's Lower Level


Record your video(s) in the studio

  • Make sure you have enough space on your flash drive—a 1GB flash drive will record approximately 25 minutes
  • Insert your USB drive into the dock to activate the Studio camera and lighting
  • Press the large silver button to start/stop recording
  • When finished recording, remove your USB drive to deactivate the studio camera and lights
  • Optional—Use the workstation PC to move your recordings to your personal USB drive or cloud storage


Return your Studio key to Circulation

  • Return the furniture to original positions
  • Turn off the Studio lights
  • Log off the Workstation PC, if necessary
  • Lock the Studio
  • Return the Studio key and any accessories you borrowed to the Lower Level Circulation Desk (or 1st floor Circulation, if Lower Level is closed/unattended)


Need Assistance?

Need help with reserving or using the One Button Studio?

Use the studio telephone to dial 1-6318 or 1-4900
Email us at
Visit the First floor Circulation Desk, or the Center for Digital Scholarship

We value your opinion...

Have a suggestion about how to improve the One Button Studio? Let us know!

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More About the One Button Studio

Penn State LogoThe One Button Studio is a free application for the Apple Mac OS, originally created by Justin Miller at Penn State University. The application is relatively easy to set-up and integrates with popular third-party hardware. For information on building your own studio, see the Setup and Equipment guides produced by Penn State.