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Federal, state, and local government information during a Donald J Trump administration

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dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how the nation's lands are apportioned, utilized, and perceived

  • Land Use Database The Center for Land Use Interpretation's Land Use Database is a collection of unusual and exemplary sites throughout the United States. The database is a free public resource, designed to educate and inform the public about the function and form of the national landscape, a terrestrial system that has been altered to accommodate the complex demands of our society.

GODORT: State Blue Books and Encyclopedias According to Wikipedia Blue book or Bluebook is a term often referring to an almanac or other compilation of statistics and information. The term dates back to the 15th century, when large blue velvet-covered books were used for record-keeping by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Information for each state includes the following: State, "Blue Book" Title, URL (If available), and Notes (if any). From GODORT.

State Agency Databases Project: Dashboard   "Welcome to the project dashboard of State Agency Databases Project, a project of the American Library Association Government Documents Roundtable (ALA GODORT). This dashboard is currently focused on our migration from the GODORT wiki to GODORT LibGuides, a task we expect to complete by March 31, 2017."

GODORT SLDTF State Agency Databases "Since July 2007, librarians and other government information specialists have been working on identifying and annotating these databases in one place. We've chased across fifty state web sites so you don't have to! ALA RUSA named this site one of its Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2012."

The Book of the States has been the reference tool of choice since 1935, providing relevant, accurate and timely information, answers and comparisons for all 56 states, commonwealths and territories of the United States.  From site.

LIPA  (Legal Information Preservation Alliance) State Initiatives "LIPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) consortium of academic, federal, state and public law libraries working on projects to preserve print and electronic legal information."

Open : States "is a collection of tools that make it possible for citizens to track what is happening in their state's capitol by aggregating information from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico." Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Historical Census Browser, University of Virginia Library. (1790-1960) Examine state and county topics for individual census years; Examine state and county topics over time; Generate maps of selected data.

Individual States Official Website of the Aloha State

ILLINOIS.GOV provides government and other information about the state of Illinois.

State of Michigan website provides Michigan government information.