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FIN 40640 / MBA 70264 — Applied Investment Management (Reed/Bergstrand)

Company Analysis

The following databases contain company-specific data. Information available may include such things as an overview of the company, financials, stock analysis, EPS data and charts, corporate actions, etc. The amount of information available in each database will vary by company.


Capital IQ

  • Company FinancialsSEC filings are located in the News, Events & Filings section of a company's record. This includes 10-Ks and 10-Qs for publicly traded companies. Annual reports are also included.
  • Equity Research Reports - Reports containing current analysis of equity performance are located under the Research section of a public company record.
  • Company Ownership - Detailed information on the board members and ownership of publicly traded companies in the People section of a company profile. Provides access to compensation data of company leadership where available.



  • CP and DES — The CP function provides detailed information about the company and quick links organized by information type. The DES function provides a detailed (5 page) description of the company and its financials. This includes an overview of the company, dividend information, index membership, ratio analysis, corporate actions, insider trading, institutional ownership, sales and EPS charts. Within the CP and DES pages, there are links to the financial statements and to many other Bloomberg functions, including those described below. The RELS function provides a list of related securities, subsidiaries, etc.
  • HP — Provides historical price and volume data for the stock during any period selected, including high, low, and average price, as well as average daily trading volume. Several other price quote functions are also available. BQ provides a detailed quote for the company, X provides a quick summary quote, GP provides a graph of historical stock prices (intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), and QR provides a recap of recent trades and quotes.
  • FA — Provides complete financial statement information, as well as valuation and financial ratio analysis. This includes price multiples, turnover analysis, liquidity analysis, profitability analysis, debt ratios, and common size financial statements. Note that many items can be linked back to the original data source. For example, click on “balance sheet”, then “operating leases”, and you will find a tab that goes to the table of operating lease commitments.  The same is possible for outstanding employee stock options and many other firm characteristics.  FA IS, FA BS, and FA CF take you directly to the individual financial statements. FA GEO and FA PROD provide geographic and product line segment information.  Note that additional tabs provide information on many other variables, such as number of locations, sales per store, and environmental, social, and governance variables.


Investext (available through Mergent Online)

  • Contains research reports written by analysts at leading investment banks, brokerage houses, and consulting firms.  


Morningstar Investment Research Center

  • In-depth research reports on companies