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FIN 40640 / MBA 70264 — Applied Investment Management (Reed/Bergstrand)

Industry Analysis

The following databases contain information about industries. Information available may include such things as background, trends, projections, market share, trade associations, sales figures, etc. The amount of information will vary by industry and by database. 



  • BI - The BI (Bloomberg Intelligence) function provides key industry data, interactive charting, and written analysis by Bloomberg industry experts.


Investext (available through Mergent Online)

  • Contains research reports written by analysts at leading investment banks, brokerage houses, and consulting firms.  



  • Primarily U.S. focused; some Global included
  • Information such as industry performance, outlook, products & markets, operating conditions, and competitors are included in the reports


Business Insights: Essentials

  • Features industry profiles and essays
  • A few ways to get to the content:
    • Search by company name or ticker, then look at Industries section in the company profile
    • Search by industry name
    • Browse industries using Industries --> Industry Essays tab
    • Search by NAICS code
    • Check out Industries --> Plunkett Reports 

Mergent Intellect

  • Search for a company, then look at the Industry Details tab.
  • Click on the actual report icon to bring up the First Research Industry Report.  Note that there may be multiple reports as your company may be classified in multiple industries.
  • Sections include things like Business Trends, Business Challenges, Executive Insight.