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Business Market Research

Research Guide for the Business Market

Media Information

  • Adforum contains over 35,000 international print, audio and video advertisements.
  • News and other information on the advertising industry, its creative work (AdFolio), and agencies and marketing communications companies worldwide (Agency Preview).
  • Showcases award winners, ads aired on TV during special events in browsable lists.
  • Browse and watch recent popular TV ads.

  • Search the Agency Gallery, Creative Library, or other site resources. Enter search terms to find specific ads.

Ad$pender Online, from Kantar Media, provides very useful information on advertising spending by brand (and by major advertising media).

  • Data include advertising spending information for the last 5 years for most media.
  • This data should be used to assess competitors’ ad spending and to calculate share of voice on a brand-wise basis.
  • There are some useful training materials on the website.
  • The home page displays a pie chart of total monthly media spending in the U.S.

  • To create a report, select variables from the numbered list.

  • From the Report Toolbar, select Run.

  • Check the Status tab to see if the report is completed.

  • View or download the report.

MRI+ Provides detailed product usage data. Note—All users must be registered (one-time registration). Click on "Register for a free account" to begin. On subsequent use, login with your account username and password.

  • Data also detailed by major demographic categories and media vehicles.  
  • You will have to register the first time that you use this database.
  • For your purposes, please access Mediamark Reporter within MRI+.

  • Select a product or media report from the list, or search by keyword.

  • Select from the list provided or search by keyword.

  • Reports are downloadable into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Advertising Red Books. Agencies. (formerly known as Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies)

  • Located in Reference, specifically HF 5805 .S72. 
  • This directory, sometimes referred to as The Redbook, lists all major U.S. advertising agencies, their clients, billings, and the names of senior management.

This series of publications provide detailed information on advertising rates, policies, insert costs, mechanical specifications, circulation and distribution. The publications listed below are located in the Business Library for various years.

  • Business Media Advertising Source (2014) 
  • Consumer Media Advertising Source (2014) 
  • Newspaper Advertising Source (2013)  
  • Radio Advertising Source (2014) 
  • TV & Cable Source (2014)

*Most recent editions as of Jan 26, 2016