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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Harms/Balko)


Transportation Revenue Models

For the Accenture case, you will be research revenue models in transportation tied to the toll model. There have been numerous developments in interstate tolls in recent times due to COVID-19 and many technological advances in the industry. Resources on this page will help you find professional research on the transportation toll industry, its technological advances, and its economic/social impacts. These will also be good resources for finding information on the more logistical issues surrounding the toll industry, such as accurate vehicle identification in more automated approaches. Consider some of the following keywords when beginning to inform your searches.

  • Interstate

  • Transporat*

  • Travel

  • Toll

  • Tax

  • Infrastructure

  • "government policy"

  • identification

  • accuracy

  • surveillance

Recommended Resources

Payment Processing Information

Resources on this page will provide information on payment processing. There will be some overlap with resources on the transportation tab. Many search strategies from the transportation tab apply here with the inclusion of key words related to payment processing, cashless society, digital currency, and payment passes. There will also be some information unique to payment processors as an industry/market for additional analysis. Consider keywords in your searches such as:

  • "digital payment"

  • "payment processors"

  • ecurrency

  • cashless

  • transaction

  • efficiency

  • revenue

  • convenience

Recommended Resources

Social Equity in Cashless Payments

A major element of the Accenture case revolves around the impact on under resourced and under privileged communities of a cashless revenue model in toll roads. There are many population segments in society which lack access to digital payment options who may be greatly impacted by the proposed revenue model. People may lack access to credits or in instances with an invoice shipping may lack a permanent address to receive the invoice. This causes potential to disenfranchise vulnerable traveling populations. While there may be a few hard to find sources on this directly tied to toll roads, try being broad in your search looking more at the impact of cashless society as a whole. Consider the ways this particular case intersects with issues related to environmental justice and corporate social responsibility as well. More general articles will have information that can be applied to your more specific case. Consider these factors when making recommendations for this case. In addition to keywords on the previous tabs, keep in mind some of these keywords for your searches:

  • disproportionate

  • "low income"

  • "road pricing"

  • discrimination

  • "under resourced"

  • "under privileged"

  • disenfranchised

  • equity

  • "social responsibility"

  • poor OR impoverished OR poverty

  • accessible

  • homeless

Recommended Resources