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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Harms/Balko)


Finding HCP Portal Examples

A major component of the Deloitte case involves identifying what will and will not work well in the implementation of a customer & marketing strategy for an HCP Portal. One way to generate good ideas for a proposal for this case is to identify other implementations of HCP Portals which met with either success or failure. Working examples can familiarize you with the landscape of HCP Portal products, and they can inform the search terminology used to find more resources on the topic. When searching, consider the alternative terms which may be used to refer to HCP Portals, and if you get no results searching one, try searching another! Here are some key terms to try:

  • "HCP Portal" OR "Healthcare Provider Portal" OR "Health Care Provider Portal"
  • "Physician Portal"
  • "Provider Portal"
  • "Primary Care Physician Portal" OR "Primary Care Doctor Portal"

In addition to these terms, consider broadening your search even further by including terms related to "patient portals". You will find many more results by this method, but the focus of the information will be slightly different. 

Once you have identified what looks like a good product, don't hesitate to take the search to Google to see if there's any publicly published information about it. Be aware that these types of products are generally proprietary, so certain pieces of information may be inaccessible. 

Recommended Resources

Market and Industry Information

Resources on this page can provide more macrolevel information on the medical technologies market and industry. When searching the recommended resources, it is important to maintain a broad search strategy. You may not see results specifically searching for "HCP Portals", but you'll see larger more general results such as medical records electronic technology in which companies which sell HCP Portal products likely fall. 

Recommended Resources

HCP Portal Assessment

Resources on this tab will provide insight into potential methods of assessing HCP Portal effectiveness. Here you will find information concerning assessment and evaluation of HCP Portals and other adjacent technologies, physician information and data needs, regulatory standards relevant to the collection of health related data, and general information on the potential beneficial uses of health related data. In addition to the key terms mentioned on the use cases tab, consider including the following in more complex search strings:

  • "Patient Portal"

  • Usability

  • Satisfaction

  • "Return on Investment" OR ROI

  • "Customer Relationship Management" OR CRM OR "Patient Relationship Management"

  • Implementation

  • Assessment

  • Benefit

  • Data OR "Big Data"

  • Transparency

  • "Data Sharing"

  • "professional development"

Recommended Resources