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Carpentries Workshops

The Carpentries Philosophy

Attending a Carpentries workshop can help you to build skills and perspectives to enable you to work more effectively with data and software. You will build a skillset that will help you use code to replicate operations or clean up data, automate routine tasks and help you on the way to doing robust research, as well as the confidence to continue learning. We create a friendly environment for learning to empower researchers and enable data driven discovery. 

Workshops are currently designed for people with little to no prior computational experience. 

Carpentries Lessons

All Carpentries lessons are available freely online:

Before the Workshop

  • Registrants will receive a reminder email containing the workshop Zoom link/password approximately one hour prior to a workshop session
  • Please ensure you have the latest version of Zoom installed
  • Prior to the Zoom session, follow the workshop "setup" instructions you will receive via email from the workshop instructors 
  • We recommend planning to arrange your screen(s) in a manner similar to this example (so that the instructor's Zoom screenshare is in one corner, the Zoom chat window is in another, and you have approximately half of your screen left to work in the applicable software)

During the Workshop

  • In addition to the instructor(s), each workshop will have at least one facilitator (to assist with Zoom and other logistical concerns) and/or one teaching assistant (to assist with content-specific issues)
  • Unless otherwise directed, use Zoom chat to ask questions/request help
  • When prompted, please complete the 3-question, anonymous surveys that will be shared at the end of each lesson episode to help us improve our workshops

After the Workshop

  • Each registrant will automatically receive a general workshop feedback survey that can be anonymously completed after each Zoom workshop concludes