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The Cold War, Causes of

Books (At ND & Elsewhere)


  • Is our one stop shopping, "discovery tool."
  • Combines many but not all library catalogs and article databases in one place.
  • Includes books, documents, essays, reviews, videos, etc.AND journal AND newspaper articles AND selected websites.
  • Includes holdings of the Hesburgh Libraries AND the Kresge Law Library PLUS the holdings of the Bethel AND Holy Cross AND St. Mary's College libraries.
  • Provides faceted searching (think Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Wal-mart).
  • Does not yet contain the contents of all of our books, journals and newspapers.
  • To narrow or focus retrieval, use the "facets" or limits on the left of the page.
    • If you don't find books that you need, search the ND Catalog, OR Catalog Classic OR WorldCat.
    • If you don't find the periodical articles that you need, search appropriate databases.

ND Catalog

  • Allows searching for Hesburgh AND Kresge Law Library holdings simultaneously.
  • Allows searching of selected area libraries simultaneously.
  • Provides faceted searching (think Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Wal-mart).
  • Is quick and easy.
  • Does not yet provide as complex searching options as Catalog Classic.

Catalog Classic

  • Allows searching of Hesburgh Libraries holdings only.
  • Provides links to the Law Library catalog and other selected area libraries.
  • Provides complex searching options In addition to simple searching,
Center for Research Libraries (CRL):  HOME | CATALOG

The Center for Research Libraries is a library cooperative located in Chicago.  Notre Dame has been a member for many decades.  Its resources are available to all members of the Notre Dame community.  They are especially useful to faculty, graduate students, and others engaged in extended research projects.  Soon we will be adding those holds to our catalogs.

  • Contains large special collections including
    • non-U.S. newspapers
    • non-U.S. dissertations
    • non-U.S. government documents
    • area studies (coverage and depth vary by region and country)
  • Loans its materials (including original paper copies and microfilm) quickly and for extended periods via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).


  • Contains records for items held by almost all libraries in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Contains records for items in many research libraries worldwide.
  • Has FindText links for Interlibrary Loan requests for items not owned by ND.
  • Note:  Give yourself a couple of weeks for delivery, i.e. plan ahead.


Google Book Search 

  • Is a growing catalog of book.
  • Provides full text for books in the public domain (out of copyright).
  • Provides links to sources for books still in copyright.

Hathi Trust

HathiTrust Digital Library - see access details at

  • is a digital preservation repository that includes over ten million volumes from partner library collections,
  • were digitized as part of the Google Books project, the Internet Archive project, or by individual partner libraries.
  • about two million volumes in the public domain may be viewed online

Other Library Catalogs

While WorldCat and Google Books show promise of becoming truly world wide catalogs of books, they have not yet reached that goal. To expand your retrieval try using major library catalogs in appropriate countries. While there is no universal listing, these two websites are excellent.


  • provide up to date scholarship if done recently
  • provide extensive bibliographies


  • Dissertations and theses, full text
    • Full text of U.S. dissertations including those done at Notre Dame -- if not restricted by author.
  • ND Catalog
    • Dissertations owned by ND including all dissertations done at ND
    • Select "Advanced Search"
    • Select "Material Type" = "Dissertations"
  • Catalog Classic
    • Dissertations owned by ND including all dissertations done at ND
    • Select "More" Tab
    • Select "Theses & Dissertations" under "Notre Dame: Full Catalog"
  • Center for Research Libraries 
    • Non-U.S. dissertations

Most people are familiar with keyword searching (think Google). However, most library catalogs and commercial, subscription databases also provide a subject headings search option. This approach can be extremely helpful in many cases. Give it a try.

While the following search functions are almost universally available, their specific form will vary from database to database. The examples listed here are the most common forms. If one or more do not work in a given database, look for a "Help," "Information," "Tips," etc. tab or label somewhere on the home page. There are often found in the upper left or right of the screen and sometimes indicated by a ? or I symbol.

  • * -- asterisk -- truncation -- searches for a string of characters as the first part of a word
  • ( ) -- parentheses -- nests or groups similar terms
  • " " -- quotation marks -- retrieves phrases
  • and, or, not -- boolean operators combine search terms logically

    (Note: Google requires "OR" to be capitalized.)

In addition to phrase searching with quotation marks, many database offer proximity searching and other special features. This allows you to specify number of words that may appear between two search terms and their order. This feature can be especially helpful if you are searching in the full text of articles. For instance EBSCO databases use the following proximity operators.

  • n# -- where # = the number of words between 2 terms in any order.
  • w# -- where # = the number of words between 2 terms in the order typed.

Sample Project:

Interwar competition for naval and/or air supremacy between Great Britain and Germany in the 1930s

Terminology for the Conflict

  • World War II or World War Two or World War 2
  • The Second World War
  • World War, 1939-1945
  • The Great Patriot War (Soviet Union)

Sample Subject Searches

  • World War, 1939-45  Causes
  • Great Britain - Foreign Relations - Germany
  • Germany - Foreign Relations - Great Britain - [ Date(s) ]
  • France - Foreign Policy - Germany
  • Germany - Foreign Policy - Germany
  • Poland - Foreign  Relations - [ Date(s) ]
  • Japan -  Foreign Relations

Sample Keyword Searches

naval ANd (race OR rivalry) AND german* AND (britain OR british)

Resulting subject headings for further searching

  • Great Britain. Royal Navy -- History -- 20th century
  • Germany. Kriegsmarine -- History -- 20th century
  • Naval strategy -- History -- 20th century
  • Military planning -- Germany -- History -- 20th century
  • Military planning -- History -- Great Britain -- 20th century
  • Great Britain -- History, Naval -- 20th century
  • Germany -- History, Nava -- l20th century
  • World War, 1914-1918 -- Causes

(air OR aerial OR airplanes OR aviation OR aeronautics) ANd (superiority OR supremacy) AND (britain OR british OR german*)

Only broad subject headings were found.  Try WorldCat and article databases for more info.  Then try again if new terminology is identified.

  • Battle over Britain; a history of the German air assaults on Great Britain, 1917-18 and July-December 1940, and of the development of Britain's air defences between the World Wars
    • Hesb Gen (D 756.5 .B7 M3 )
  • The next war in the air : Britain's fear of the bomber, 1908-1941
  • The Battle for Britain: interservice rivalry between the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, 1909-1940
    • Hesb Gen (D 756.5 .B7 C85 2015 )

If you want

  • books AND articles at ND, SMC, HC & BC -- use OneSearch.
  • books ONLY at ND, SMC, HC & BC -- use ND Catalog.
  • books ONLY at ND -- use Catalog Classic.
  • books ANYWHERE --use WorldCat.
  • articles ONLY -- use appropriate article databases.
  • No library can possibly buy every resource of potential interest to everyone.

  • Notre Dames certainly attempts to make available materials relevant to the ongoing interests of Notre Dame faculty and students. 

  • If you identify items that you need and we don't own, request them through Interlibrary Loan or recommend them for purchase.