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The Cold War, Causes of

News Sources

  • Lexis/Nexis Academic
    • legal and political emphasis
    • includes radio and television news transcripts
    • includes major non-USA sources
      • select "Search the News U.S. and World News"
      • select "By Source Type Major World Publications"
  • Factiva
    • business emphasis
    • joint venture of Dow Jones and Reuters
    • includes the Wall Street Journal
    • includes major non-USA sources
      • select "Source and/or Region"
      • select "Country and/or Publication"
  • World News Connection (ceased Dec. 2013)
  • Newspaper source (EBSCO)
    • major national and regional US sources and international papers
    • English language
  • Ethnic NewsWatch
    • sources from ethnic communities within the USA
  • Television News Archive 
    • 1968-, ABC, CBS, NBC
    • 1995-, CNN
    • 2004-, Fox  News

Note It is frequently a good idea to limit your search in digital News Source to the Headline and Lead Paragraph.  Searching the full text will often produce an overwhelming number of "hits."

Digital Historical Newspapers

United States


  • African Newspapers   More than 40 nineteenth- and twentieth-century African newspapers.



  • Shen bao  (1872-1949), AKA Shanghai News, was one of the first modern Chinese newspapers. (complete run).


Latin America

South Asia


  • Paper of record   Archive of full-page newspaper images created from newspaper collections on microfilm, preserving the original  format of the paper. Includes U.S., Canadian and foreign newspapers.

  • Proquest Historical Newspapers Collection of full-text, full image newspapers from major U.S. cities, some European and 1 Indian.

  • World Newspaper Archive    A fully searchable collection of historical newspapers from around the globe

Microfilmed Historical Newspapers

Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

  • Has back files of non-U.S. newspapers
  • Will loan originals and microfilmed copies of substantial runs
  • Responds quickly to requests
  • Allows extended loan periods
  • Holdings are being added to the ND Catalog

Keesings World News Archive

  • British
  • News digests are online since 1931.
  • Paper edition started in 1758/59.
  • First 90 years are in Special Collections.
  • Later years are in tower at D 2 .An 78.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports

  • Non-U.S. & Non-English sources translated into English
  • Some English language sources
  • Will cover 1941-1996 when completed
  • For later coverage see World News Connection
  • Google News
    • great for breaking new from a small number of standard / mainstream media sources
    • English translations of non-English source
  • Google
    • helpful for non-standard / non-mainstream media
    • especially good for point of view / advocacy sources 
    • updates can be delayed from a couple of weeks to a month or more
    • covers all the web that Google can index

Historical newspapers are usually either digitized or microfilmed.

  • Digital newspapers are available on the ND Libraries's website.
  • Microfilmed newspapers can be identified in the ND Catalog and then read and copied on paper or digitized in the Microtext Area (Hesburgh Library Lower Level).