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These resources are your best bets for finding company-specific information. When searching these resources, it is important to know whether or not you are researching a public or private company. Public companies tend to have more information available. With private companies, you may need to rely on news resources or draw lessons from comparable public companies in the same industry.

Information found in these resources generally fall into the following categories:

  • Overview/profile
  • History
  • Organizational structure/leadership
  • Financial health
  • Mission and values
  • Recent news, events, issues
  • SWOT

Company Profiles

These resources are your best bets for finding company profiles and other information. Mergent Intellect and Business Insights: Essentials are good places to start for an overview that includes location and contact information, basic financials, and industry codes.

Mergent Intellect

Access to public and private U.S and international business data, industry profiles, facts and figures, executive contact information, and much more.

Business Insights: Essentials

Good for company chronology, company histories, market share reports, and rankings. SWOTS!

Hoover's Company Records

Company information including location, summary financials, top officers, competitors, and company history for public companies.


Provides access to company reports, global and U.S. newspapers, same-day newswires, and media programs.


Mergent Online is the best resource for finding company financials, especially if you're not able to come into the Business Library. See the Highlights section of our home page for more details about remote access to Bloomberg and Capital IQ.

SWOT Analyses

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats! A SWOT analysis is a great resource that gives you a quick overview of a company's strategic situation. Business Insights: Essentials offers SWOTs for public companies. Business Source Complete offers SWOTs for public and some private companies.

  • Business Insights: Essentials 
    If your company is public, search for it by name or ticker symbol and then look for a link to 'SWOT Reports' from the results. Not all public companies will have SWOTs available.
  • Business Source Complete 
    Select 'SWOT Analysis' from "Publication Type."