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MARK 20100/BASC 20250/MDMK 20100 — Foundations of Marketing (Essig)

Market Research

The following resources are your best bets for in-depth market research content. We strongly recommend Mintel for any type of consumer-related information. Who's buying which brands of pizza? How often? What are the demographics? What influences customers' buying behavior? How have these trends changed over time? We also love Statista because it has useful content on just about any topic you can think of. The additional resources listed here round out the best bets.

The content may help you with the following sections of the Marketing Assessment from your Team Project Checklist:

14) Customer Profiles 

16) Marketing Mix Strategies



  • Provides access to market research reports across numerous product categories.
  • Reports include numerous visual market research models such as:
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Porter's 5 Forces


Market research reports that cover a range of consumer product categories from "Beauty and Personal" to "Finance" to "Multicultural America." Report sections include data about the market, the consumer, and brands/companies. Example reports:

  • The State of the eCommerce Industry - US - January 2020
  • Digital Video: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - July 2020
  • Bodycare and Deodorant: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - June 2020
  • Restaurant Takeout and Delivery: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - July 2020
  • Wearable Technology - US - February 2020


Provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries. There's something in here about everything!

  • Type SLOWLY and let the autocomplete help you find useful search terms and phrases
  • Look for the orange and red-icon reports, which contain multiple datasets
  • Follow up on the source listed to see if an external website offers more data, stats, info


Market research reports on consumer products and industries worldwide. Example reports:

  • Johnson & Johnson Inc. in Eyewear (World)  GLOBAL COMPANY PROFILE  |  19 MAR 2019
  • Johnson & Johnson Inc. in Beauty and Personal Care (World)  GLOBAL COMPANY PROFILE  |  07 MAR 2019

SMA: Sports Market Analytics

Provides searchable news and market research from the National Sporting Goods Association and other industry sources on all aspects of sporting goods, sports equipment, participation, broadcasting and marketing.