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Information Technology, Analytics, & Operations

Overview of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations

The IT, Analytics, & Operations Department (ITAO) offers undergraduate majors in Business Analytics and Information Technology Management. At the graduate level, degrees include an MBA concentration in Business Analytics and an MSBA degree available in a dual-degree MSBA/MBA program. As a Business Analytics (BAN) major, you will learn how to be a global leader in scientific, data-driven analysis and research concerning all aspects of business operations. You will learn about the synergy between data governance, data analytics, and the optimization of operational systems and processes. Information Technology Management (IT) focuses on educating students about the development and use of information systems as decision-making and problem-solving tools. The program also is intended to develop an understanding of the managerial issues encountered in the operation or introduction of information systems in organizations—particularly, how these tools can be used to gain a competitive edge and to re-engineer an organization. 

Related subjects include: AccountingFinance, Management and Organization, and Marketing.

News and Popular Press

Popular press resources such as newspapers and magazines are expert but non-scholarly sources that report basic facts and offer opinions. One benefit of these sources is that they are printed shortly after an event, but they do not reach the level of analysis necessary for scholarly work.