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Overview of Marketing

The Department of Marketing offers four specialized tracks: Marketing Decision Analytics, Brandscaping, Consulting and Market Development, and Digital Marketing. The Department also offers a Digital Marketing Minor for non-Mendoza students. Marketing students develop analytical thinking, strategic ability, and creativity through a range of innovative courses. Students will understand what motivates consumers, the role of marketing in society, and how to build and execute successful brands. 

Related subjects include: AccountingFinance, Information Technology, Analytics & OperationsManagement and Organization.

News and Popular Press

Popular press resources such as newspapers and magazines are expert but non-scholarly sources that report basic facts and offer opinions. One benefit of these sources is that they are printed shortly after an event, but they do not reach the level of analysis necessary for scholarly work. 

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries are most often collections of words in one or more specific languages, usually arranged in alphabetical order, providing information like word meanings, usage, etymology, and, when they contain more than one language, translations. Some dictionaries include information more commonly found in encyclopedias.  Encyclopedias are collections of information on terms, figures, eras, locations also arranged alphabetically, and, alongside definitions of terms, they also include more in-depth general information on a topic. Encyclopedias can be general or subject-specific.