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MARK 20100/BASC 20250/MDMK 20100 — Principles of Marketing (Essig)

Market Research

The following resources are good for conducting market research!


Market research reports that cover a range of consumer product categories from "Beauty and Personal" to "Finance" to "Multicultural America." Report sections include data about the market, the consumer, and brands/companies. Example reports:

  • The State of the eCommerce Industry - US - January 2020
  • Pay TV and Bundled Communications Services - US - September 2019
  • Dining Out in 2020 - US - December 2019
  • Sporting Goods Retail - US - August 2019
  • Mobile Phones - US - March 2019 Academic

Provides thousands of full-text market research reports.  Content areas include "Consumer Goods (Consumer Goods & Retailing, Travel & Leisure)," "Demographic," "Food & Beverage" (Agriculture, Beverages, Food, Foodservice & Hospitality), and others. Example reports:

  • Global Breakfast Cereals (Packaged Facts, September 2019)
  • Connected Home Market by Technology (AI, Data Analytics, IoT), Computing Type (Core Cloud and Edge), Service Provider (MNO and OTT), Application Type (Entertainment, Security, Energy, Smart Vehicle Integrated), User Interface (Smart Speakers and Phones) (Mind Commerce,


Market research reports on consumer products and industries worldwide. Example reports:

  • Johnson & Johnson Inc. in Eyewear (World)  GLOBAL COMPANY PROFILE  |  19 MAR 2019
  • Johnson & Johnson Inc. in Beauty and Personal Care (World)  GLOBAL COMPANY PROFILE  |  07 MAR 2019


Provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.

SMA: Sports Market Analytics

Provides searchable news and market research from the National Sporting Goods Association and other industry sources on all aspects of sporting goods, sports equipment, participation, broadcasting and marketing.