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MARK 20100/BASC 20250/MDMK 20100 — Principles of Marketing (Heckel)

Industry Analysis

These resources are your best bets for in-depth industry research reports and related content. The information available may include content such as background, trends, projections, market share, trade associations, sales figures, and more. The amount of information will vary by industry. One of the key items to look for in these reports is the list of industry/trade association websites. These are great places to discover more information, coming from an "insider" perspective. 

The content may help you with the following sections of the Situational Analysis:

2) Macroenvironment - political, natural, demographic, technological, cultural, and economic
3) Microenvironment 

  • Industry analysis, market size, BCG analysis
  • Suppliers, intermediaries, publics
  • Competitive environment - SWOT analysis



  • Research reports on industries in the United States.
  • Information such as industry performance, outlook, products & markets, operating conditions, and competitors are included in the reports.
  • Up-to-date content with COVID-19 Impact Updates.

    Sample reports:
    • Athletic Shoe Stores in the US (OD4605) - April 2020
    • Travel Agencies in the US (56151) - March 2021
    • E-Commerce and Online Auctions in the US (45411A) - May 2021
    • Book Stores in the US (45121) - February 2021
    • Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters in the US (45291) - May 2021
    • Music Streaming Services in the US (OD6193) - July 2021

Mergent Intellect

  • Search for a company, then look at the Industry Details tab.
  • Click on the actual report icon to bring up the First Research Industry Report. Note that there may be multiple reports if your company is classified in multiple industries.
  • Sections include topics like Business Trends, Business Challenges, and Executive Insight
  • Call prep questions!

    Sample reports:
    • Wireless Telecommunications Services (6/15/2020)
    • Personal Computer Manufacturing (5/27/2020)
    • Clothing Stores (6/15/2020)


ABI/Inform Trade & Industry

  • Click on Browse, then choose First Research for a list of reports.
  • Sections include things like Business Trends, Business Challenges, and Executive Insight
  • Call prep questions! These can help you think strategically about the company, from various perspectives.


Business Insights: Essentials

  • Features industry profiles and essays.
  • A few ways to search:
    • By company name, then look at Industries section in the company profile
    • By industry name
    • Browse industries using Industries --> Industry Essays tab
    • By NAICS code
    • Check out the Plunkett Reports from the Industries tab at the top of the screen. Search within results using industry name or code (not company name!).