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MARK 20100 — Principles of Marketing (Jones)

Industry Analysis

  • The following sources contain information about industries. 
  • Information available may include such things as background, trends, projections, market share, trade associations, sales figures, etc. 
  • The amount of information will vary by industry. 

The content may help you with the following sections of the "Situational Analysis":

1) Macro-Level External Environment – PESTLE - Political, Legal, Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Environmental 

2) Competitive Environment – Position in Industry, Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Power

3) Complete a SWOT ANALYSIS, Porter Model, BCG Portfolio Analysis or GE

5) Industry Analysis – Issues and Concerns, Market Size

11) Supply Chain, Logistics- How do they acquire their products



  • Research reports on industries in the United States
  • Information such as industry performance, outlook, products & markets, operating conditions, and competitors are included in the reports.

    Sample reports:
    • Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters in the US (45291) - December 2019
    • Credit Card Issuing in the US (52221) - October 2019
    • Commercial Banking in the US (52211) - June 2019
    • Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in the US (21111) - December 2019
    • Petroleum Refining in the US (32411) - December 2019

Mergent Intellect

  • Search for a company, then look at the Industry Details tab.
  • Click on the actual report icon to bring up the First Research Industry Report. Note that there may be multiple reports if your company is classified in multiple industries.
  • Sections include things like Business Trends, Business Challenges, Executive Insight
  • Call prep questions!

    Sample reports:
    • Wireless Telecommunications Services (8/12/2019)
    • Wireless Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing (5/27/2019)
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (12/2/2019)


ABI/Inform Trade & Industry

  • Click on Browse, then choose First Research for a list of reports.
  • Sections include things like Business Trends, Business Challenges, and Executive Insight
  • Call prep questions! These can help you think strategically about the company, from various perspectives.


Business Insights: Essentials

  • Features industry profiles and essays.
  • A few ways to search:
    • By company name, then look at Industries section in the company profile
    • By industry name
    • Browse industries using Industries --> Industry Essays tab
    • By NAICS code
    • Check out the Plunkett Reports from the Industries tab at the top of the screen. Search within results using industry name or code (not company name!).