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MARK 20100/BASC 20250/MDMK 20100 — Principles of Marketing (Kalish)

How To Get Help

This guide is meant to help you with Prof. Emily Kalish's Principles of Marketing course. It is not intended to be exhaustive! Our goal is to get you started with resources that should be helpful. Not all resources will necessarily be appropriate for each of your companies/products.


Need help? Two of the best ways to get answers to your questions:

  1. Via E-mail
    Send us your question via Ask a Business Librarian
    (You'll get a faster reply using Ask a Business Librarian than you would if you e-mailed Pete individually.)
  2. Via Zoom
    Want to meet "in person?" Send a request via Ask a Business Librarian and let us know some times you are available to meet, even if it's later in the evening. We'd be glad to Zoom with you!