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MARK 20100/BASC 20250/MDMK 20100 — Principles of Marketing (Laneman)

Industry Analysis

The following sources contain information about industries and industry sectors.  Information available may include such things as background, trends, projections, market share, trade associations, sales figures, etc.  The amount of information will vary by industry. 


  • Reports primarily covering industries in the United States.
  • Sections include things like industry performance, outlook, operating conditions, regulation & policy, and competitors.
  • Type in a company name and browse reports.
  • Example reports:
    • Social Networking Sites in the US (December 2018)
    • Search Engines in the US (January 2020)
    • Software Publishing in the US (July 2019)
    • Internet Publishing and Broadcasting in the US (June 2019)
    • Tech Disruption (October 2019) Analyst Insight report (Apple)

Business Insights: Essentials

  • Features industry profiles and essays.
  • Search by company name, then look at Industries section in the company profile.
  • (Useful in finding out a company's primary industry and also its related industries).