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MARK 30660 — Retailing (McKinney)

Industry Analysis

The resources on this page are your best bets for industry research and related content. This includes information such as: market size, key issues, the regulatory environment, major companies, competitive landscape, trends, and overall industry performance metrics. The resources on this page will likely be relevant for all of your retailing class assignments.

For retailing, there are often separate industry reports for the individual types of retailing. When searching the recommended resources, it is best to consider the wide array of terms that may be used to refer to specific retailing environments. It is also possibly that multiple industry reports may apply to your specific retail setting. Try searching some of the following terms while allowing the database to offer autocomplete suggestions to help generate ideas:

  • Retail
  • Store
  • Wholesale
  • Grocery
  • The name of a product your retail environment specializes in (e.g. coffee, food, clothing, shoes, etc.).

Recommended Resources