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MBAE 70630 — Strategic Foresight (Harms)

Business Data Resources

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

  • A Web-based research tool that provides fast and easy access to more than 5.3 billion data points from licensed and public domain datasets within an easy-to-use interface. See the Data-Planet Statistical Datasets Quick Reference Guide for more guidance.
  • With this dynamic tool, you can scan the contents of the collection, select subjects and variables of interest, and view your data in side-by-side tables and charts.
  • The product is completely interactive and results are instantaneous.


World Databank

  • World Development Indicators (WDI) includes over 200 time series indicators from 1970- , for most reporting countries.



  • Convenient data portal covering many sectors and topics.
  • Data comes from authoritative sources and contains citations for further research- look at SOURCE, RELEASE, and FURTHER INFO tabs.
  • Fully downloadable into Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and more.


Other Resources

Frost & Sullivan 

  • Student access does not allow for PDF views of reports. 

    If you would like the PDF of a report, use Ask a Business Librarian and e-mail us the title and date of the report-- (e.g., Uber for Trucks: Executive Analysis of the North American Mobile-based Freight Brokerage Market |  Industry Research Analysis NF61 Automotive & Transportation  28 Aug 2015).  

    We'll get the PDF (if available) and send it to you.


Datasets and Statistics 

  • LibGuide by James Ng, our Economics and Social Science Data Librarian 
  • The 'Data by Topic' tab might be helpful


Google Advance Search

  • Add to a search (e.g., fracking
  • Add filetype to search words (e.g., transportation china filetype:xls)