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Supercharge Slides w/ Images & Icons


These tutorials will help you supercharge your slide decks. Find images and icons, edit them to suit your needs, and embed them in your slide decks for more impactful presentations.

If you would like additional assistance or instruction, contact the Emerging Technologies Librarian, Randy Harrison at

Access Adobe Creative Cloud Remotely

In this tutorial, I explain how to access the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Illustrator and Photoshop, on a remote desktop while you are off-campus.

Working with Images

In this tutorial I explain how to download images from services like, edit them in Adobe Photoshop, and bring them into Google Slides in an impactful way.

Working with Icons

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to download icons (vector graphics) from the Font Awesome and Flat Icon websites, edit and transform the icons according to your needs using Adobe Illustrator, and embed and augment them in Google Slides, as well.

Customizing Slide Deck Templates

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to download and customize slide deck templates.