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UFV Capstone Integral Leadership Program- Summer 2022


Take about 10 minutes to follow the process below to find a specific piece of data as a team. Once you find the data answer the following questions:

  1. What person, organization, or entity created the data?
  2. How does the data relate to emerging trends or sustainability?

Be prepared to send a spokesperson from your team to replicate the process of finding the data to the class and discuss your answers to these questions.


Team Data Assignments

Team 1: Nestle

  • Take this link to the database Mergent Intellect
  • On the database home page, type nestle and select from the autocomplete options Nestle Holdings, Inc., this will take you to its company profile page.
  • On the company profile page, navigate to the "financial details tab" and look at the sales for the last 5 available years. Have sales been in growth or decline?

Team 2: Tesla

  • In Google, type the following search string: fuel economy filetype:xls and pick the first result
    • Ensure the search string is exactly as typed
    • The result should read all_alpha_01 - Fuel Economy
  • This should download a spreadsheet. Open this sheet in Excel.
  • What information is on this sheet?

Team 3: Acciona

  • Take the following link to Data Planet Statistical Datasets
  • On the database home page, under the subject section, select the link to Energy Resources & Industries
  • You'll be on a page with a series of data options under this subject category on the left hand side of the screen
  • Pick a piece of data that seems relevant to your topic to present to the class

Team 4: Melia

  • Take the following link to the database Mintel and accept the terms of use to enter the database.
  • On the database home page, next to the search bar hover your mouse over the "category" section and select a filter as follows: travel, leisure, & entertainment -> travel -> holidays/vacations
  • Select the report entitled "Luxury Travel - US - March 2021"
  • From the report, pick a data point related to travel to present to the class

Team 5: IKEA

  • Take the following link to the database Statista
  • Search ikea on the main search bar of the database homepage
  • Select the result with a red icon entitled IKEA, this will take you to a series of statistics related to IKEA as a company
  • Pick one piece of data to show to the class

Team 6: Deutsche Post/ DHL

  • Take the following link to the database IBISWorld
  • Type dhl in the main search bar and select the autocomplete option entitled H491-GL Global Courier & Delivery Services.
  • In the report, navigate to the "major companies" section on left hand side of the screen
  • What is the percentage market share of DHL in this industry, and who are their main major competitors?