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Workplace Literacy Program Resources

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The Change Agent - An adult education magazine with a focus on social justice.

Eureka - Ohio Literacy Resource Center - Search this online database for titles that have been reviewed that contain subjects that may be of interest to adults who are learning to read. The Trade Books project began in 1994 with a group of adult literacy professionals who reviewed books published for children and young adults that would be interesting and enjoyable for adult learners to read in the classroom or in tutoring situations. The result is the searchable database, known as Eureka!, of over 1000 books, Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies, Thematic Collections, and Other Web Resources. The current committee of 16 educators selects and reviews approximately 75 new books each year.

Grassroots Press - Grass Roots Press has an international reputation for publishing high-quality resources for adult basic education and English as a Second Language communities.  Grass Roots Press carries over 500 books, DVDs, and software packages. 

High Noon Books - Classics at 4-5 grade reading levels are available from this publisher.

Lerner Books - Scobre Non-Fiction Imprints - Award-winning fiction and nonfiction titles that motivate proficient and striving readers by driving subjects that appeal to their interests.

Lerner Books - Twenty-First Century Books Imprints - High-interest nonfiction titles that make curriculum-oriented subjects dynamic and accessible for young adult readers.

Literacy Works Blog about Graphic Novels - This blog entry discusses the use of graphic novels for adult learners.

Maine Humanities Council - The MHC offers a program called New Books, New Readers that brings learning or reluctant adult readers along on a read and discussion of childhood classics with connections to our adult lives.

New Books for New Readers (Series) - Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc.'s award-winning New Books for New Readers is a series of books written at the 4th grade reading level for adult literacy students. The 64-page books are written by scholars with the help of literacy students and their tutors, and cover topics in Kentucky history, literature, and folklore. Some also appeal to elementary school students. The titles are are written with a simplicity of sentence and language but with a complexity of vision. Experienced readers find the topics so interesting that they do not notice that the text is 4th grade level. Titles available for purchase at The CCLD has also provided a list of titles suitable to adults learning to read.

New Reader Press (Adult Education) - New Readers Press is the publishing division of ProLiteracy – the world's largest organization of adult literacy programs. For over 40 years, we have been providing educators with the instructional tools they need to teach adult students and older teens the skills for functioning in the world today. Proceeds from our product sales help support the mission of ProLiteracy.

Newbery and Caldecott Winners List by Grade Level - Award winning titles that are destined to be classics.

Orca Book PublishingRapid Reads focus first and foremost on strong writing and storytelling. This publisher is committed to providing books that will help adults achieve their literacy goals in an interesting and accessible way. Each novel in the Rapid Reads series is written between a 2.0 and 6.0 reading level. The plots are contemporary and entertaining, with adult language and themes. Reading guides for some titles are available. Adult non-fiction available.

Remedia Publications - Informational text and literature.

Saddleback Educational Publishing - Provides Hi-Lo reading materials in multiple disciplines. Pay attention to variety of classics and Shakespeare and non-fiction.

Townsend Press - Non-fiction readers and personal stories.

Tutoring Adult Learners Using the Internet - Kim Rossman is the Executive Director of Tutors of Literacy in the Commonwealth. She has created this website on internet resources for tutors of adult learners - increasing literacy in the world one reader at a time. (

Literature Review on Adult Literacy


Greenberg, D., Rodrigo, V., Berry, A., Brinck, T., & Joseph, H. (Summer 2006). "Implementation of an Extensive Reading Program with Adult Learners." Adult Basic Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Adult Literacy Educational Planning, 16 (2), 81-97. Accessed online: 14 September 2015:

This study looks at the influence of motivation on the adult learner's reading ability. Because many adult learners had had negative experiences with reading as children, Greenberg et al. stress the importance of making reading more pleasurable for these students. The researchers propose the use of an "extensive reading program" with adult learners, as the goals of these programs—pleasure and general comprehension—are what these students need if they are to achieve. The study involved 27 adults whose reading levels were between third and fifth-grade. While students generally expressed enthusiasm about the program, significant reading gains were only found in fluency and expressive vocabulary.

Council for the Advancement of Adult Literacy - Website with policies and publications related to the support of adult literacy