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Graduate Student Thesis & Dissertation and Senior Thesis Camp

About the Graduate Student Camp

The Hesburgh Libraries proudly offers a research and writing program co-sponsored with the University Writing Center and the Graduate School. The purpose of the camp is to help scholars focus on their own research and writing as they work toward completion of their dissertation or thesis. Please read below for more information and how to register for the workshops being planned.

The Graduate Dissertation Camp is designed to assist graduate students at all stages of their research and writing toward their degree or completion of a large scale writing project. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • jumpstart or move forward in their research and writing process
  • work in dedicated spaces in the Hesburgh Library
  • consult with their subject librarians
  • consult with University Writing Center tutors about their work
  • engage with colleagues in their own and other graduate divisions to learn best practices from peers
  • form communities of practice to engage in the camp process after its conclusion

Camp Schedule

Times Activities
  • Daily check-in and arrival - Hesburgh Library Scholars Lounge, 1st Floor, Across from ABP / Carey Auditorium
  • Breakfast
  • Early morning community building and conversation
  • Meet your Subject Librarian - Monday morning some of our subject and services librarians will join us so you can meet and discuss any research needs you have
  • Convene for goal setting.
  • Participate in goal setting activity and discussion
    • Monday: Lorraine
    • Tuesday: Lorraine
    • Wednesday: Lorraine
    • Thursday: Abby
    • Friday: Lorraine
  • Morning research and writing session
  • Lunch service
  • Community building
  • Break
Afternoon Workshops - See times in descriptions
  • Topical workshops encouraged: - Updated 2/28/2018
    • MONDAY: Dissertation Log - University Writing Center staff will walk you through using a dissertation log to highlight the ways you can track and plan your progress to stay on track and on schedule
    • TUESDAY: Dissertation Format using Microsoft Word - Shari Sweet, Graduate School, will walk you through the effective use of the dissertation style format in Microsoft Word and answer your questions about how best to use the styles to complete your work. In two sessions: 
      Word for Research Writing I: Text and Structure - 1:30-3:00pm, Room 247 Hesburgh Library
      Word for Research Writing II: Figures and Tables - 3:15-5:00pm, Room 247 Hesburgh Library
    • WEDNESDAY: The Science of Goal Achievement - 
      Megan Brown, Ph.D., is a counseling psychologist and dissertation group coach at the University Counseling Center.  At this session, you will learn about the fuel and barriers of motivation as well as an evidenced-based approach to attack goals by removing obstacles so you are set up for success.  Participants will leave this session with a plan for their next important goal.
      12:45-1:45, Scholars Lounge. Please feel free to continue your lunch as the talk begins.
    • THURSDAY:  It's Yoga Break Time with Steve Krojo (Krojniewski). Bring your mat if you have one and take some time to focus on you so you can reap the benefits of centering, focus and go back to work refreshed and at your most productive.
      1:45pm-2:45pm, Room 248 Hesburgh Library
  • Fresh air break - Take some time to go outside and get naturally refreshed for the afternoon
  • Early afternoon research and writing time
  • Writing Center consultations offered: Sign up in this shared Google Doc:  NOTE: Do not overwrite another student's booking.
  • Come up for air afternoon break
  • You will fight wanting to stop, but take time to get a snack and take a walk
  • Your final push in research and writing
  • Daily wrap-up: Second Floor Reading Room. Be in the room and ready to go by 4:30.
    • Monday: Lorraine
    • Tuesday: Lorraine
    • Wednesday: Lorraine
    • Thursday: Lorraine
    • Friday: Lorraine
  • Gather to discuss your work for the day in community