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Graduate Student Dissertation & Thesis Camp

Graduate Student Dissertation Camp Application Process

Dissertation Camp is offered to graduate students during fall break and spring break each academic year. Graduate students apply for admission to the camp. Admission is granted based on a prioritization to ensure students at more critical stages of their work have a seat at the camp.

Dissertation Camp Application Prioritization Criteria

Demand for dissertation camp is high. To ensure that the students who most need camp are admitted, we prioritize registration for:

  • those who are newly post-proposal defense
  • those who are furthest along the spectrum for time to completion
  • those who have given feedback on the prioritization process as it was prepared for pilot testing

The current prioritization order is provided below. This order is subject to change in future camps:

  1. Approved and planning or outlining my thesis or dissertation;
  2. Drafting (beginning stage): I have some material written, but not a complete chapter;
  3. Drafting (middle stage): I have 1‐2 chapters drafted;
  4. Drafting (final stage): I have 3+ chapters drafted;
  5. Revising: I have a complete draft and am making changes based on committee feedback;
  6. Drafting my proposal;
  7. Pre‐planning: I have not begun my proposal writing yet;
  8. I am not yet in active thesis or dissertation writing phase but would like to be considered for a seat if space is available.