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Irish Catholic and Social Controversies

A Resource Guide to support classes that include a study of Twentieth-Century Irish history.

Abuse of Minors: Abuse by Religious or in Schools.


The Ferns Report. Presented to the Minister for Health and Children, October 2005.
Chair, Mr. Justice Francis D. Murphy. Members, Dr. Helen Buckley; Dr. Laraine Joyce. Dublin : Stationery Office 2005.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (KDK 1771 .S49 F47 2005)

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse report (Ryan Report). Ireland. Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, 2009.
Archived copy at Lenus, and at Internet Archive:
The Ryan Report is also available in the Industrial Memories database.

Report by Commission of Investigation into Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (Murphy Report). Ireland: Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, 2009.
Also archived at Lenus and the Internet Archive:


Report into the Catholic Diocese of Cloyne Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation. Ireland. Dept. of Justice and Equality. Dublin: The Commission, 2010
Archived on Lenus, the Irish Health Repository:


Books dealing with clerical child abuse in Ireland

Arnold, Bruce. The Irish gulag : how the state betrayed its innocent childrenDublin: Gill & Macmillan, 2009. 
Hesburgh Library General Collection (HV 9148 .A5 A76 2009 )

Coleman, Karen. Haunting cries: Stories of child abuse from industrial schools. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 2010.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (HV 757 .A6 C65 2010 )

Goode, Helen. Time to Listen: Confronting Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy in Ireland. Dublin:  Liffey Press, 2003. 
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .G66 2003)

Lalor, Kevin. The End of Innocence: Child Sexual Abuse in Ireland. Cork: Oak Tree Press, 2001.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (HV 6570.4 .I73 E53 2001)

Lennon, Brian. Can I stay in the Catholic church? Dublin: Columba, 2012. 
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BV 4392.5 .L46 2012)

McCarthy, Pádraig. Unheard story: Dublin Archdiocese and the Murphy Report. Dublin: Londubh Books, 2013.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .M33 2013 )

Mooney, Tom. All the bishops' men: Clerical abuse in an irish dioceseCork: Collins Press, 2011.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .M66 2011 )

Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 4705 .S6632 M667 1995)

O'Connor, Alison. A message from heaven: The life and crimes of Father Sean FortuneDingle: Brandon, 2000.
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Hesburgh Library General Collection (RC 569.5 .A28 O36 2009)

Powell, Fred. Dark secrets of childhood: Media power, child abuse and public scandalsBristol: Policy Press, 2015.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (HV 6570.4 .I73 P69 2015)

Raftery, Mary, and Eoin O'Sullivan. Suffer the Little Children: The Inside Story of Ireland's Industrial Schools. Dublin: New Island, 1999.
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Wall, William. Minding the Children. London: Scepter 2001. 
Hesburgh Library General Collection (PR 6073 .A418 M56 2001)








Catholic Church Perspective:

Conway, Eamonn, Eugene Duffy, Attracta Shelds. The church and child sexual abuse: Towards a pastoral responseDublin: Columba, 1999.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .C48 1999 )

Irish Catholic Bishops' Advisory Committee on Child Sexual Abuse by Priests and Religious. Child sexual abuse: Framework for a church response. Dublin: Veritas, 1996.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .C455 1996 )

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Littleton, John, and Eamon Maher. The Dublin/ Murphy Report: A Watershed for Irish Catholicism. Dublin: Columba, 2010.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .D83 2010 )


Personal Stories:

Madden, Andrew. Altar Boy: A Story of Life After Abuse. London: Penguin Ireland, 2003.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (RC 569.5 .C55 M34 2003 )

Clemenger, Michael. Holy Terrors: A Boy, Two Brothers, A Stolen Childhood. Dublin: O'Brien, 2009,
Hesburgh Library General Collection (RC 569.5 .A28 C475 2009)

Egan, Kevin. Remaining a Catholic after the Murphy Report. Dublin: Columba, 2011.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .E38 2011 )

Rogers-Moloney, Marie Therese. For the Sins of My Mother. Newtownards: Colourpoint, 2014.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (HV 1150.3 .R64 2014 )

Boland, Brendan. Sworn to silence : a young boy, an abusive priest, a buried truth. Dublin: O'Brien Press, 2014.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (BX 1912.9 .B65 2014 )

Touher, Patrick. Fear of the collar : my terrifying childhood in Artane. Dublin: O'Brien, 2001.
Hesburgh Library General Collection (T 173 .D8 A788 2001 )



Boyne, John. A history of loneliness. Toronto: Doubleday Canada c.2014. 
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Harte, Jack. Language of the Mute. Dublin: Scotus Press 2015. 
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