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Ireland: Institutional Abuse

A Resource Guide to support classes that include a study of Twentieth-Century Irish history.

Overview of Institutions in the News

Classes studying twentieth-century Ireland are confronted with a number of controversies and inquiries regarding institutional treatment and mistreatment, with reference to institutions such as mother and baby homes, industrial schools and Magdalen homes. A common factor is systemic abuse or mistreatment of children or of vulnerable women and young people. 

This guide is designed to assist students to find their way to the official reports, news sources, books and journal articles covering the subjects of the Irish industrial schools, systemic sexual abuse by religious, the treatment of women in Magdalene Homes, and the treatment of women and children in Mother and Baby Homes. 

Within this introductory page you will find information on major reports of the early twenty-first century, and information on these reports is repeated in the categorized sections of the library guide.

Recent Reports