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Audio Digitization Station Instructions

Guide to using the Audio Digitization Station in the Music Library
This first step creates one large audio file. You can split this file into tracks later on the computer using software like Audacity - See Part II for instructions on that process

Digitizing Vinyl Records/LPs


Put flash drive in front USB port


If you need to borrow a flash drive, talk to us at the circulation desk!


Place record on turntable


Handle record along edges and center - try not to touch the section with the grooves


Press button on turntable marked "Rec"


The red light on the turntable near USB port will flash to indicate that the file is recording onto the flash drive

This will record silence until you start playing the record in the next step

The file will be saved on the flash drive to a folder called "Audio"


Push “Start” button to play the record


The needle is automatic and will raise and lower once the turntable starts moving

Whatever is playing will begin to record on the flash drive - skips, scratches, dust, and all


After the record is done playing, press the "Rec" button again


Wait until light stops flashing before removing flash drive


Turn off equipment


Turn off power on all devices you turned on before locking cabinet and returning key/headphones to the circulation desk

Digitizing Cassette Tapes


Put Cassette tape in tape deck


Fast forward or rewind to the spot you want to record


Put CD-RW in CD player next to tape deck


Ask us at the circulation desk if you want to borrow a CD-RW


Check that disk is blank and Push the button marked "Dub Tape to CD"


If disc is not blank, push the button labeled "Erase"

Tape will begin playing and CD will begin recording

Both tape & CD will stop automatically when it reaches the end of the side


When the tape is done, eject the CD-RW


If it is your own CD-RW and you want to be able to play it in a CD player, push the "Finalize" button. This step isn't necessary if you want to transfer the files to a computer to split the tracks. 

Don't forget your cassette in the tape deck!


Transfer the CD-RW to a computer


Insert the CD-RW into a computer

From the computer you can split the large file into tracks and transfer it to a flash drive or cloud.


Split files in Audacity


See Part II of this guide to learn how to split the files in Audacity

If you have Audacity at home and want to do that step there, transfer the file to your flash drive or cloud


Wipe the library CD-RW before returning it


After you have transferred everything you need and you are ready to delete the files, put the CD-RW back into the CD player next to the tape deck and push the button labeled "Erase"

Make sure you have the files saved before you do this step!