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Mendoza Behavioral Lab Research Review

Finding Journal Articles

What is an scientific/academic journal?

Academic journals are small collections of academic articles published on various time schedules. Benefits of reading academic journals include, but are not limited to:

  • They publish credible peer reviewed information focusing around a similar topic.
  • They publish information relatively quickly allowing readers to stay current on trends and topics in a field.
  • They are easy to search due to more standard publishing formats.

Searching through journals for articles

You can browse articles within a journal article by their publication date, volume, and issue, or search within a publication by selecting the "search within publication option" available in most database platforms. Clicking this creates a premade search string with the journal as a filter by which can be refined by adding AND *keyword* after the journal parameter. This will search for articles where that keyword occurs within that journal. Many of our business journals are provided through databases such as Business Source Complete, and searching within a publication will look as follows:

















Suggested Marketing Journals

Suggested Management Journals