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CHEM 23201 — Chemistry Seminar: Finding and Presenting Chemical Information


Getting to know you

Copyright quiz


Course overview

Practice citing a source

In-Class Activity - Citing a Source


  1. Everyone will be placed into groups of two (2).
  2. Each group will get two sources to cite.
  3. One person in the group will be the reader. Starting with question 1 of the Decision Tree.
  4. The other person will answer the question by looking at the source.
  5. Based on the answer, the reader will follow the directions of the Decision Tree.
  6. Repeat the back and forth until you arrive at a publication type and citation format.
  7. Write the citation for the source.
  8. Switch roles for the next source - reader become the person answering the questions.
  9. There will be an asterisk on the answer sheet. Write that citation on the blackboard.

Assignment #1

Plagiarism and Copyright material

Read & Listen to this material regarding plagiarism and copyright and fair use prior to session 3. Come to class prepared to discuss what you have learned.


Chemical & Engineering News, 2019, 2013

The Guardian, 2 April 2012

Wall Street Journal, 5 July 2020 (via ProQuest)

Hong Jin-young (wikipedia article - personal life section)

Wall Street Journal, 23 August 2021 (via Factiva)