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Designing Documents with LaTeX


LaTeX is a document typesetting system that can produce attractive articles, books, and slides. It is especially useful when writing documents that have a lot of mathematical notation.

Dissertations and Theses

Help! I'm Completely New!

  • First, either install a TeX distribution or choose an online system to use, such as Overleaf (formerly ShareLaTeX). If you choose Overleaf, be aware that Notre Dame has a site license for it, so use your ND email address to sign up.
  • If you choose to install a TeX distribution, the exact one will vary based on your operating system. For Windows, look at MiKTeX. For Macs, consider MacTeX. Linux users should install whatever is available through your package manager (it will probably be a variant of TeX Live.)
  • Second, try a LaTeX tutorial. There are many on the web. There is also a handout used for the past Introduction to LaTeX workshops offered at Notre Dame. The Wikibook on LaTeX is a particularly good online reference.
  • If you need a place to use LaTeX on campus because you don't have it on your laptop, you can see what lab machines have it available from the software list linked here:

LaTeX and Accessibility Issues


Notre Dame hosted the worldwide TeX Users Group meeting in 2009. Yes, there is an international TeX Users Group!