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Graduate Student Thesis & Dissertation and Senior Thesis Camp

Camp Preparation

How to plan for day one of camp

  • Thoroughly read any documentation sent by email in advance of the camp.
  • Identify the goals you have for the week, not only the amount of work to complete, but any personal working style assessment and practice you may need.
  • Please arrive at the designated location by 8:30 am to pick up a light breakfast snack and prepare for goal setting activities.
  • Day one will include an introduction to subject librarians.
  • Pack your bags:
    • Bring your own refillable, covered mug to help with sustainability and beverage service.
    • Wear clothing that will allow you to adjust to temperatures in the Libraries. Sometimes it's too warm. Sometimes it's too cold.

Our program will help you establish a framework for writing and research that will enable you to work effectively. Through informal conversations and short discussions, you will also develop a sense of community with other students. Each day the camp will provide morning and afternoon snacks, prepared lunches and coffee and water throughout the day.

Enrollment is free. Registration is required and availability is limited.

Camp Ground Rules

  • Be on time. However, as things happen, if you will be late, leave early, go retrieve materials or step out to take care of an appointment, let a camp director know as soon in advance as possible: Laura, Mandy or Matthew
  • Sign in daily. Your attendance is relayed to the Graduate School Professional Development unit and recorded.
  • Participate in workshops. Camp intends to challenge what you know, or what you think you know, about your own habits when it comes to research and writing. Your participation extends beyond your desk time. Learn from those who have gone before you by participating in the workshops offered. Give back to others from your own experience by attending and participating in discussion, even if you've participated in a workshop before. And, your brain deserves to have a break from your writing, too.
  • Take time to get to know someone new. Even if you meet someone outside of your discipline you may learn from one another about work styles, or find that you have commonalities that you can leverage after you leave camp. You might be surprised by this.
  • If you need something not apparently provided, ask. We'll do our best to find it or supply it if possible. Our job is to help you succeed.

Daily Meal and Snack Overview

Food service is provided in the first floor Scholars Lounge. Notify camp admins if you need different accommodations when you register. This menu and location is subject to change. Updated 3/5/2020 for Spring 2020.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Scrambled eggs, Oatmeal, breakfast meats, fruit, orange juice, coffee Einstein Bagels assortment and pastries, coffee Scrambled eggs, Oatmeal, breakfast meats, fruit, orange juice, coffee Einstein Bagels assortment and pastries, coffee Yogurt Bar - Plain yogurt, Dairy-free yogurt, jams, chocolate chips, nuts, maple syrup, whipped cream
Lunch Box lunch pre-ordered from Allie's Cafe. If you indicated you would not require a provided lunch, please find lunch on your own. Chipotle - Build your own creation bar Mcalister's baked potato "Spud MAX" bar and salad bar Baked Mostaccioli (Vegan) and Chicken Picata, au gratin potatoes, rice pilaf, Italian beans (No Bacon), tossed salad Marcos Pizza, including special orders for dietary needs expressed before camp began; Salad
Afternoon Snack* Universal Snacks Universal Snacks Universal Snacks Universal Snacks and portable fruit Universal Snacks


*Universal Snack choices may vary. We try to provide dairy-free, gluten-free options in pre-packaged form.

Request Writing Center Consultation

The University Writing Center at the University of Notre Dame is here to help you with your writing projects. Whatever your major or skill level, you can benefit from working with our experienced tutors. Schedule a one-on-one consultation today—and take your writing to the next level.

In Hesburgh Library, these sessions are generally held in one of the breakout rooms on the west side of Rooms 231ABC, Hesburgh Library, but please verify this with camp administrators on the day of your scheduled consultation during camp.

During the camps, when sessions are offered, an event-specific sign-up sheet is available, so please sign up using the link on the daily-schedule.