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Professor Hanabusa's Extensive Reading in Japanese

About the Collection

The collection consists of graded readers and authentic reading materials. The graded readers include publications by NPO Tadoku Supporters or NPO 多言語多読 of Japan (NPO 法人日本語多読研究会 Nihongo Tadoku Kenkyūkai). The reading levels (0-6) based on the guidelines provided by NPO Tadoku Supporters, have been assigned to varied reading materials.

Non-English Leisure Reading Collection @ Hesburgh Library

Many of the Japanese books used for this course are shelved in the Non-English Leisure Reading Collection section of the 1st Floor Collaboration Hub. They are available for a 28-day loan. Other Japanese books are located on different floors of the Hesburgh Library and available for a regular loan.

Maruzen eBook Library

ND users can access two series of graded Japanese readers: にほんご多読ブックス Nihongo tadoku bukkusu and にほんご よむよむ文庫 Nihongo yomu yomu bunko. Click HERE to browse the books by level.

What's Good to Read?

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