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Earth Science

Journal and Conference Articles

Journal and conference articles are the primary venue engineers and scientists use to disseminate scholarly research.  Although no one database provides a master list to all of this literature, each of the following databases indexes a key segment of STEM literature.  The top few listed are likely to be of use to any engineering research topic.  Others may be of interest for only specific topics.  Many of the articles can be accessed electronically, usually by following the FindText link.  Items not owned by the library can be ordered through Inter-Library Loan (ILL).

Tips for Reading a Scholarly Article

Understanding how scholarly articles are organized helps make it easier to understand them.  Here are some tips for reading scientific articles:


Government Information

Government sponsored research is critical for the advancement of science and technology.  Engineers use technical reports in a manner similar to journal articles.  Patents and trademarks are also important to engineers.

Theses and Dissertations