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Information Literacy

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Using this guide

Research is iterative and non-linear. You will jump back and forth between brainstorming, reading, writing, and searching. This guide has resources to help you get from wherever you are in your research journey to the next step in the process. You may find it helpful to come back to this guide whenever you are feeling stuck in the research process. To get started, use the table below to select the section that best matches where you are now and the next step you want to take.

You are here You want to be here Start with
I have a topic in mind or I've come across a concept that is new to me I have enough information about my topic to draft a research question and search for new information using the vocabulary that experts use

Gathering Background Information

I found one scholarly source that is very relevant to my topic or I've found a few scholarly sources that are related to my topic I have several scholarly sources that address different aspects of my topic and I have a clearer understanding of the research landscape surrounding my topic

Following the Conversation

I have found some sources that I want to incorporate into my writing or presentation I have strategies for reading dense scholarly sources and a better sense of what role particular sources can play in my writing

Engaging with Sources