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POLS 30040 — Introduction to Public Policy (Francis)

Government Documents

Documents: Hearings, Reports, Miscellaneous Publications, Memoranda, Letters, Both Public And Internal

Presidential and Administrative Documents

At the bottom left of the Home Page, see especially:

  • "Briefing Room"
  • "From the News Room" and
  • "From the Press Office."

To locate administration documents from a particular agency, on upper left of screen:

  • Select "Government Agencies and Elected Officials" tab.
  • Select "A-Z Index of U.S. Government Agencies" link.
  • Select agency from alphabetical list.
  • Select agency's homepage from agency's description.
  • Search or browse the agency's website, for example, the Department of State.
Congressional Documents
Mixed Sources

Legislation As Passed, Codified And Implemented 

U.S. Laws as Passed
U.S. Laws as Codified
U.S. Federal Regulations as Proposed
U.S. Federal Regulations as Codified