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Legacy Technology Collection

An overview of 70's-80's computer hardware and software held at the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship


Alongside cutting-edge technology such as 3D printers, the The Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship also maintains a selection of legacy computing systems and software in the Specialty Technology Room #245. Only a few decades ago, cutting-edge technology used cassettes floppy disks and console cartridges--practically incompatible with today’s equipment. To facilitate research into the earlier days of digital development and experimentation, the NF-CDS maintains a modest collection of 70’s-90’s consoles and software titles, mostly games. You are welcome to either bring your own software to run on our machines or explore the titles we’ve acquired so far. To further expand our offerings, we may consider additional computer systems from the period as well as peripherals to add to our existing systems.

a row of old computer systems on a table


We hold a modest but fascinating line of game titles, largely 5.25” floppy drives for the Apple II and Commodore 64 platforms and console game cartridges. While some are purely software creations akin to computer or console games as we know them, others cross media genres by including booklets, maps and other interactive objects. You can browse our software collection through the library catalog.


The collection is non-circulating. We invite patrons to book a time with Julie Vecchio, Assistant Director of the NFCDS, to make use of the collection at the Specialty Technology Room of the Hesburgh Library, #245. Walk-in usage is possible but dependent on staff availability and hence not guaranteed. We also encourage classroom usage of the collection. Patrons may contact Daniel Johnson for detailed questions about using the collection, setting up for classroom demonstrations, or donating software and equipment to the collection. Due to space and logistics limitations, not all donation offers can be accepted, but all offers are appreciated.