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Political Science

Getting Started: Political Encyclopedias, Bibliographies & Handbooks

It's possible that someone already has started your research for you! Use these resources to find bibliographies, handbook chapters, and encyclopedia entires on political topics. These resources will include an overview of the literature on that particular topic, which can kick-start your literature review process.


Books at Notre Dame and Partner Libraries

Books Elsewhere

Articles: Politics & Public Policy

Gray Literature / Unpublished Scholarship: Politics & International Relations

Additional Article Databases

Databases are multidisciplinary collections of scholarly resources. Most databases gather links to and citations for scholarly articles, although some contain additional information on books and other resources.  The print versions of the databases were often called "indexes."

Scholarly Social Science Databases

Other Scholarly Multidisciplinary Databases

Select Single-Discipline Databases Relevant to Political Science

Economics & Business
Gender / Women's Studies

Theses and Dissertations