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ARCH 53311— Issues in Sacred Architecture


Google Image Search

Searcing through Google Images can be a great place to find images. If you are searching for a particular architect, be sure to put the name of the architect in "quotation marks". 

Exploring Architecture Through Early Publications

Exploring Architecture Through Early Publications - The Architecture Library is pleased to provide access to these images from our collection of historic architectural treatises and other pivotal works. There are over 1,500 images included in this database that are all keyword searchable.

Visual Resources Center

Visual Resources Center - Housing nearly 230,000 images, the Visual Resources Center primarily servies the Art, Art History, and Design faculty and students, but is also available to other departments and colleges of the Notre Dame community. An in-house database facilitates access to the collection for teaching and research purposes or historical documentation and citation. Located in room 216 of Rilely Hall.


archINFORM - The International Architecture Database containing the largest online collection about worldwide architects and buildings from past to present.