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Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to provide an introduction to the resources available at the Thomas Mahaffey Jr. Business Library relevant to the subject of accounting. The Mahaffey Business Library provides access to databases that may help in conducting research related to accounting as well as various software and technologies that will help in professionally developing skills in accounting. Resources highlighted in this guide may help with specific topics such as auditing, tax policy, financial analysis, compliance, and accounting certifications. As an introduction, this guide will not be comprehensive. If you have any additional questions, or you find yourself stuck searching for finance-related information, reach out to us by asking a business librarian.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries and encyclopedias are always an excellent place to start when beginning to research a topic. They are especially beneficial to understanding the jargon heavy field of accounting. Students studying accounting will be expected to understand a variety of terms, functions, equations, and acronyms related to business, investment, and finance. The resources described here provide comprehensive and authoritative reference material for anyone who needs to brush up on their accounting vocabulary. When performing research with more traditional text searching databases, these resources may also provide inspiration for potential keywords to construct a refined search strategy.

Recommended Resources